A BEAUTIFUL TIME AGO (Directed by Amin Rudaina Khalil/Drama/2017)


Once upon a woman, there was destiny…
A multi layered turbulent and tragic story of a woman, a mother, her identity and her broken dream, mirroring an enchanting hopeful past that is gone forever, set in an imaginary homeland against the radically changing face of the world over a seventy year period, traveling from the authentic beauty of the 1940s and 1950s through the hip and trendy 60s and 70s, then into the grim 80s and 90s, arriving to the present amnesiac time. A profoundly gifted and idealistic young woman, Nour is a product of a now vanished world – the elegant splendor of the beautiful past. However, Nour’s promising life and dreams are derailed by her marriage to Nabil, a charming and handsome doctor who hides a destructive insecure jealousy that leads him to exert punishing control over Nour’s life, potential and self worth. Into this already damaged relationship comes their child – Radi. Trapped together for many years in the glare of Nabil’s slowly mounting volatile rage, Nour and Radi become ever closer. As the dark clouds of war begin to gather in the sky, Radi longs to escape and share a happy life with his adored mother free from his enemy – Nabil’s suffocating oppression, control and deep jealousy of their seemingly bonded relationship. Little do they know, a much more crushing, yet, true love-testing tragedy is lurking just around the corner, where unexpected destiny awaits and where love, hatred and sacrifice are redefined. In various symbolic forms, Nour and her story echo the forever gone – beautiful authenticity of “yesterday” as well as today’s reality of global self destruction, the current world social- political catastrophes and sense of mass amnesia. A fairytale, rich in beauty, colors and emotions, where realism and surrealism become one truth. An intimate story of love, an unhappy ending, forever after!


Christine Choueiry
Ziad Seaby
Issam Merheb
Rana Barazi
Ilias Iliovits
Konstantinos Naskopoulos


Director & Production Designer: Amin Rudaina Khalil
Director of Photography: Egon Werdin
Music: Danny Bou Maroon
Production Manager: Giorgos Serdaris
Production Company: Mind Bulb Films
Production Service: Boo Productions S.A.

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