Boo Productions, based on the many years of experience of Iraklis Mavroeidis (one of Boo’s founders), entered the field of cinema production in 2009. As a result of our professionalism, experience and passion, our first feature film “DOGTOOTH” (2009), won the “Certain Regard” in Cannes 2009 and was nominated for the “Best Foreign Language Film” in the Oscars of 2011. Four more feature films have followed, “4 BLACK SUITS”(2010), “ATTENBERG” (2010), which was awarded with Best Actress Award in Venice in 2010, our co-production “TU HONORERAS TA MERE ET TA MERE” (2012) with Agat Film from Paris and “7 KINDS OF WRATH” (2015). Our goal is to continue with the same passion and faith to actualize what we love the most: feature films. We are always excited to get started on a new project and do our best to realize the impossible.