On May 2013, Boo Productions completed the shooting of the 8th cycle of the popular American reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

The shooting took place on the island of Mykonos in the presence of the whole famous family gathered to enjoy their summer vacations. Boo Productions, started the preparation of the show one month before the arrival of cast and crew members and the shooting lasted 14 days with crew members of over 60 people and cast members that consisted of over 10 people.

Shooting completed successfully, while cast and crew members were completely satisfied with the services of our company. The premiere of the show was on air early this June from E! online.


Kim Kardashian West
Khloe Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian
Kris Jenner
Kylie Jenner
Kendall Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner
Scott Disick
Brody Jenner
Brandon Jenner
Leah Felder-Jenner
Mason Dash Disick


Executive Producers: Jon Murray / Gil Goldschein / Jeff Jenkins / Farnaz Farjam
Supervising Producer: Delphine Lorin
Co-Producer: Andrea Metz
Senior Producer: Nick Cavazos
Coordinating Producer: Erin Paxton
Production Manager: Kim Orfia
Segment Producer: Nicole Blais
Associate Producers: Cesar Castillo / Amanda Weinstein
Production Accountant: Richard Chung
Assistant Accountant: Alex Aubry
Release Coordianator: Alissa Schiraldi
Trade Out Producer: Lisa Samsky
Technical Supervisor: Marc Orozco
Lead Production Coordinator: Estela Rivas
Production Coordinator: Brooke Parsons
APOC: Nicole Uritis
Office PA: Andrea Blais
Director of Photography: Andrei Cranach
Audio Supervisor: Andy Yip
Camera Assistants: Ryan McLaughlin / Nikos Ziogas
Crew PA: Nikos Faroupos / Nikos Thomas / Nikos Nikolakopoulos / Alex Salame
Camera Operators: Greg Barnes / Rob Hassler
Audio Mixer: Erika Sampson
Junior Camera Assistant: Jessie Merten
Field Logger: Andrea Blais
Lighting Director: Landon Hosto
Electricians: Yorgos Hatzimitros / Haris Pournias / Andrei Taylor
Executive Fixer: Angelo Venetis
Fixer/Transportation Coordinator: Sevi Morou
Producer’s Assistant: Kristina Anastopoulou
Release Coordinator: Leoni Alysandratou
BROLL Camera Operator: Spyros Vlahakis
Glam Van/Shuttle: Stefanos Georgiakakis
Office Van: Manos Papadimitropoulos
Office PA: Karolina Simos
Cast PA: Elissavet Petsali / Anna Nikolaou
Viano Drivers: Themis Koukas / Yiannis Koukas / Vangelis Kavathas / Alex Nasiakos
Cast & Nanny Driver: Katerina Kouka
Security: Corky Gray / Pascal Duvier / Jose Rodriguez
Cast Doctor: Boris Vaisman
Hair & Make Up: Rob Scheppy
Hair: Clyde Haygood / Scotty Cunha / Jo Baker
Make Up: Meredith Barath