A Feeling Of Greece

Our years of experience have provided us with a vast knowledge of the superb locations available all over the Greek mainland and the islands.

Situated right in between two worlds, Europe and Asia, Greece offers countless dazzling filming locations across the mainland as well as on the gorgeous islands, the jewels of the Mediterranean Sea. No other country combines locations so distinctive and unique, waters as deep blue as those of the Aegean sea, no sands as white and golden as on the beaches of the Ionian sea, no to filming right by the Acropolis or the villages of the Peloponnese or the rocks of Meteora or by the archaeological sites of Crete, or the windmills of Mykonos, or the volcanic caldera of Santorini. The list goes on. Greece can offer an answer to any filming need with unparalleled natural beauty and scenery that change drastically from one site and season to the next. It’s worth a shot.

Key benefits of choosing Greece as a location:

  • Great weather conditions, sunlight and mild temperatures virtually all year round
  • The notorious Greek light, which has enchanted artists from all over the world
  • Small country with excellent infrastructure of housing and transport
  • Huge range and variety of landscapes: countryside, city life, islands, beaches, mountains
  • Greek food and Greek hospitality with all the comforts of western civilization