TV Series/13 Episodes/2012/Directed by Lefteris Haritos /Production



Do 15 years old children believe in God? Are they happy? Are they in love? What is their favorite class? What’s the last thing they think before they go to sleep? School-tube is the first television series that attempts to record the lives of teenagers across Greece by themselves.

Each week School-tube takes us to a place of Greece and becomes the direct channel of communication between the generations. Without presenter, with humor, sarcasm, honesty and unexpected insight teens across Greece. The children lead or take the camera and show us the place where they live, their school, their room, their breakfast awakening, the break, the plates, their concerns, their hideouts and proving that teenage Greece adulthood loud.


Director: Lefteris Haritos
DOP: Dimitris Kasimatis
Chief Editor: Margarita Michelakou
Edited by: Kostas Makrinos / Andreas Giannakopoulos
Producers: Iraklis Mavroeidis / Aris Dagios
Line Producers: Angelo Venetis / Takis Nikolakopoulos
Production Manager: George Serdaris
Production Coordinator: Kristina Anastopoulou
Assistant to Production Manager: Leoni Alysandratou
Production Assistant: Nikos Faroupos
Assistant to Editor: Lydia Antonova
Educational Consultant: Loula Margariti
Music Supervision: Sofia Mega
Camera Operator: Nikos Ziogas
3D Artist: Vassilis Katsaras
Graphic Designer: Vangelis Ntezes
Music Titles: JOALZ-This is not a love song (Leon Segka + Vasia Bakogianni) Ntrop Recordings 2012
Assistant Director: Evdokia Kalamitsi
Sound: Kostas Koutelidakis
Production Office: Olga Papada / Vicky Miha
IT Support: Kostas Lagis
Runner: Alexis Koutroumbis


Betty Tsakareskou (Director of Educational Broadcasting, Assistant Professor Department of Communication Media and Culture, Panteion University)

Sofia Papadimitriou (Head of Digital – Social Media Educational Broadcasting)

Effie Grousouzakou (Management of Digital Content for Educational Broadcasting)

I-create the Educational Broadcasting Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs

VOYAGER – Car Rental

Boo Productions S.A. on behalf of ERT S.A.